Surprising Health Benefits Of Hibiscus Tea [Reports of Healthcare, by Ashley Miller, 25/10/2017]

November 2, 2017 admin

 Hibiscus tea is one of the standard types of herbal tea, which is extracted from a natural source. It is a different type of tea, which has various freshening effects on the user.

There are so many types even within hibiscus tea. The one, which is the most common, is Hibiscus sabdariffa L that is a strain of it. The flowers of these plants are bright red.

Hibiscus tea has a traditional usage by using the dry parts of the plants, which is more often only the calyx part of the flower. Calyx is the protective layer, which is the flower and not the actual flower.

One fantastic benefit of hibiscus tea is that if you are planning a lower quantity, i.e., 8 ounces or less, there would be no calories intake. Another fantastic benefit is that you can use a hot or a cold tea out of it, both tastes amazing.

Apart from tea, you can also add it in various other recipes.

Where can you get hibiscus tea?

Hibiscus tea is easy to locate. But you may not be able to find it at your local stores. Like other herbal products, it is available only from the trusted vendors, most of which are online. It is available in leaves, powder or an extract form.

The popular types are leaves and powder, which are easy to use. The extract is an extra powerful form of it, which is only useful if you want to use it in a right way. If you just want to enjoy your tea or drinks, powder and leaves are the best forms to use.

In the dry form, hibiscus flowers will contain petals and calyces both. The tea made from hibiscus is caffeine free which is suitable for even those people, which don’t like caffeine or are sensitive to it.

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Recipe to make hibiscus tea

The recipe to make hibiscus tea is straightforward. You have to boil water in a medium size pan. After it starts boiling, add dried powder or leaves of hibiscus tea. Wait for it to change the color.

Soon the water will become a deep red. It is an indication that the water has extracted the chemicals of the hibiscus plant. Boil for 2-3 minutes, more if you want a concentrated form of tea.

Turn the flame off and add more water into it if you want it to be less concentrated. Add honey to enhance the flavor. If you don’t like the taste of honey, you can use any artificial sweetener. You can also use a pinch of cinnamon powder if you want.

Optionally, garnish it with mint or lemon slice. It will improve the flavor even more. You can use this as a hot beverage or cold beverage. Sip it in chilly evening and morning to make your experience more refreshing.

Best effects of using hibiscus tea

Hibiscus tea is also called sour tea sometimes. It is like matcha tea, which has several health benefits. It has a high amount of antioxidants in it, which makes it a therapeutic beverage.

That means hibiscus tea is not only a refreshing beverage but medicinally proven to be beneficial too. Following are the best effects of hibiscus tea, which you may not know.

  • It maintains the blood pressure

If we consider the foods, which help to keep the blood pressure regularly, hibiscus tea would be one of them. For the patients with high blood pressure, using hibiscus tea, i.e., even more, beneficial because it naturally lowers down the blood pressure.

There are a lot of scientific researchers to prove the fact that hibiscus tea is good for lowering the blood pressure and maintaining it for long.

  • It lowers cholesterol

Cholesterol is one thing, which in high amount is undoubtedly going to cause a disease for you. The most significant risk of obesity and all cardiovascular diseases is increased cholesterol. Using hibiscus tea will lower cholesterol to a reasonable level.

It also reduces high triglycerides, which cause significant damage to the body otherwise. Triglycerides and high cholesterol are the main reason for heart problems and blood pressure. They can also cause metabolic syndromes, which increase the risk of diabetes.

The scientists are sure that hibiscus can reduce the cholesterol and triglycerides naturally even among patients with lower immunity.

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  • It prevents the oxidative stress

Prevention of oxidative stress is a characteristic of all herbal teas and hibiscus is no different. The high amounts of antioxidants are helpful to fight against the disease-causing free radicals.

Oxidative stress is also caused by poor lifestyle, bad food choices and due to certain chemicals. Consuming hibiscus tea daily will reduce the risk to a considerable level.

  • It fights against cancer

The fantastic traits of hibiscus tea make it so valuable addition to the herbal world that it has been now a part of a few cancer studies related projects. The reason it, the benefits that it provides to the body can be effective against cancer too.

  • It helps in weight loss and obesity

Be it a fashionable weight loss to look good or a medically caused obesity, hibiscus tea benefits in both conditions. These antioxidants are perfectly suitable for losing the unwanted weight.

It increases metabolism like other herbal teas. It inhibits to accumulate starch and store it, also the sucrose. The result is a right type of body mass.

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  • Stress relief

The natural relief for stress and anxiety can be none other than hibiscus tea, which works better than medicines. It helps to reduce the visible signs of depression such as fatigue, demotivation, hopelessness, etc.A regular use of hibiscus tea in morning and evening makes you energetic, fresh and healthy.

  • Treatment for staphylococcus infections

Hibiscus tea has natural pathogenic nature. It is antibacterial which helps to get rid of the pathogenic Staphylococcus strain. It is a common bacterium that causes skin infections such as pus-filled pimples etc.

  • It reduces the risk of kidney stones

Hibiscus tea works as a diuretic, which is significantly helpful for urinary tract infections and kidney problems. In case of kidney stones, it reduces the risk by the maximum proportion which means the kidney patients should use it every day.

Possible interactions and warnings

Despite so many benefits, it is possible that hibiscus tea may interact with the particular type of medications. For example, it will surely hinder with blood pressure medicines and heart-related drugs. You need to ask your doctor if you already have a medical condition but want to try hibiscus tea too.

Pregnant and nursing mothers need special care before trying anything that has the potency to cause damage. Make sure that there will not be a problem if you start taking hibiscus tea. Discuss it with doctor preferably.