Chamomile Tisane

foto paginaChamomile is a classic and a staple for most every herbal tea enthusiast. These sweet daisy-like flowers are cultivated across the world. It is believed that chamomile herbal tea is one of the top three enjoyed teas in the world . If you haven’t experienced what this amazing and joyful little flower can do, I hope this information inspires you to give it a sip! Chamomile or camomile is the common name for several daisy-like plants of the family Asteraceae that are commonly used to make herb infusions to serve various medicinal purposes. The flowers bloom in early to midsummer, and have a strong, aromatic smell. The curative and preventive benefits of camomile tea, known and valued even in ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt, still hold true today.


Flavour/ Look.

The name of this flowering plant comes from the Greek ‘chamai melon‘ which means ‘ground apple’. The fragrance of the fresh and especially dried whole flowers is surprisingly like a crisp apple, and the flavour carries the same taste. Chamomile herbal tea is grounded and earthy with hints of apple and floral sweetness. It has a light, airy, and really palatable taste that most people enjoy. Chamomile herbal tea usually doesn’t need to be sweetened at all due to its natural light and floral notes, but a bit of honey can transform it into a true dessert tea instantly! A slice of fresh red apple added to your infusion can also bring some extra flavour and texture to the taste. Brew some chamomile flowers today and enjoy this classic herbal tisane!
Avoiding Bitterness. Chamomile flowers are delicate when brewed.
Over-steeping leads to their underlying bitterness coming to the surface. A great cup of tea made from this timeless herb is best under-steeped. A 6 or 7 minute steep in just-boiling water is usually perfect.

Botanical name.

Matricaria chamomilla.



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