These herbal tea is best to relieve stress [Micetimes,by Paradox, 27/10/2017]

November 2, 2017 admin

It turns out that the tension can relieve a few minutes with the help of certain herbal decoctions or infusions.

Stress prevent us to live fully and experience the joy of what and who surrounds us. Even the most minor stressful situations so negatively affect the nervous system that over time can start depression or sleep problems.

People undergoing stress at work every day, sooner or later will begin to hate your job, even if she used to be a limit of their dreams. So with stress you need to learn to cope on their own and in a timely manner.

Decoctions of herbs that have sedative properties:

Tea with mint or lemon balm. This is the easiest drink that in a matter of minutes down, lowers blood pressure and improves heart rate, which under stress could easily stray. Just put in a Cup of tea with a sprig of mint or lemon balm and drink it warm to health.
Sedative herbal. It consists of dried herbs: oregano, calendula flowers, tansy. Combine the herbs in a ratio of 1:1:1, separate 1 tablespoon in a large Cup or a glass, pour boiling water and leave to steep for 20 minutes. You should drink 100 ml 3 times a day, if your nerves are “no good”, so to prepare the infusion are best in the morning.

St. John’s wort tincture on alcohol. This tincture is a good remedy, relieving stress and irritability in a jiffy. For its preparation you will need: dried St. John’s wort 10 tablespoons and a pint of alcohol. Mix the ingredients in a jar and put in a dark place to steep for two weeks. Then remove the jar with the tincture, strain it and pour in a bottle of dark glass. Drink: 100 ml of milk 5 ml of tincture. Solace comes in a few minutes.
As you can see, not only all known Valerian able to calm excited nervous system, but also quite delicious and flavorful herbal teas, which soothe in addition to will bring your body the maximum benefit.